Company History

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Before Quanzhou LiQi Plastic Products Co., Ltd. establishing, we own the Jinjiang LiQi Mould Co., Ltd. which founded in 2003, a professional plastic injection mould factory to provide one- stop service of mold development - mold production - injection molding - pad printing, oil injection - flow assembly - finished product packaging.

Since its establishment in 2003, mold manufacturing has always been committed to producing and developing high-quality injection molds.

Pay attention to every detail of the mold, and strive to pursue customer satisfaction from the standpoint of customers. Jinjiang Liqi mould Co., Ltd. was officially registered in 2010.

Based on the principle of being responsible for the design and production of each step, we are stabilizing and improving the scale of the company step by step.

Our core business strategy is to provide one- stop mold solutions, including mold component structure design, mold design and mold making.

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At present, 70% of injection molds are exported to Europe, Africa, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries.
Injection molding production is to better improve the after- sales service of mold manufacturing.

Quanzhou Liqi plastic products Co., Ltd. Established, in order to meet the needs of more guests at home and abroad, and constantly improve the quality and safety system, the company has Disney, Sedex, USJ Universal Studios and other factory qualification.